Secrets of Being an Au Pair

Being an au pair can be a great experience for young people looking to travel, learn a new language, or work with children. Your housing, food, and health insurance are paid for by your host family. In addition, many host families will let the au pair use their car, they will pay for a transportation pass, and they will pay for a cell phone. Some very generous families will even pay for the au pair’s flight and language classes.

And while it’s true that au pairing does offer many advantages, I found when searching for information about being an au pair, there was a lack of information about personal experiences. If you’re interested in being an au pair, you can find plenty of information on Au Pair World about legal requirements, there’s almost nothing about the everyday details (although this post from Ashley Abroad is incredibly helpful for those interested in being an au pair in France).

So, given this lack of information, I wanted to do my due diligence and contribute what I’ve learned about being an au pair.  Continue reading “Secrets of Being an Au Pair”