Life Update: Summer 2016

This is the post I had originally intended to write to break my blogging hiatus, but when I sat down to write it, something completely different came out of my keystrokes. I think that’s one of the most amazing aspects of writing; the fact that it can take you to places that you hadn’t intended to go or it can open new horizons that were blocked from you daily mindset. But I digress.

In my last post, I discussed my past, present and future mindsets regarding this blog. I enjoy writing reflective pieces like that, but I know the internet and the average blog reader don’t prioritize cerebral posts. People want facts, updates and juicy details. And in less than 20 words a sentence please! So here it is internet, a summary of my life these past months. This post will cover the summer of 2016 (July and August). I’m only covering two months because it was crazy-busy. Continue reading “Life Update: Summer 2016”

What This Blog Was, Is and Will Become

I can already hear the sighs and anticipate the eye rolls; wasn’t her last post (eight months ago) an apology about her lack of posting? Yes, dear reader, you’re very astute. I have (yet again) neglected this project of mine. As with the last time, I don’t really have a good excuse, except for not making this blog a priority.

I’ll let you in on a secret. When I started this blog, I had dreams of becoming the next big travel blogger. I had ideas, I could string a couple of sentences together, my wanderlust was so out of control it was almost clinical. In my calculations, I had everything one needed to make it in the industry.

At its infancy, this blog occupied much of my extra attention and free time. But after a few months, I realized that I didn’t have it in me to be a Blogger with a capital ‘B.’ I hate Twitter, I only take pictures with my iPhone 4s and I’d rather eat my food than photograph it, thanks very much. Despite these warning signs, I kept pushing myself to plan, create and post even though my heart wasn’t truly in it. Continue reading “What This Blog Was, Is and Will Become”

Se Débrouiller

The verb se débrouiller in French is difficult to translate. If you consult a dictionary, it will tell you that the English equivalent is “to manage.” But that doesn’t quite capture the sense.

Rather, this word means something like “if you want it, if you’re smart enough, if you work hard enough, you might succeed achieving your objective.” The utility of this word is that pretty much anything from finishing a degree to moving abroad to simply figuring out how to open a door (I’ll explain) can be described by se débrouiller.

This word also heavily implies that ain’t nobody gonna help you get what you want except you. Continue reading “Se Débrouiller”

Complaints Americans Have in France

In addition to the bizarre questions French people have asked me, I am also often asked my opinion about life in France. Usually my response is “I like the cheese” or “it’s beautiful.” I even wrote a post about what I love about France. But even though there are a lot of positives to living here, there are things about France that drive me (and other Americans, I would wager) absolutely batty that would never be a problem in the US. Continue reading “Complaints Americans Have in France”