Life Update: Summer 2016

This is the post I had originally intended to write to break my blogging hiatus, but when I sat down to write it, something completely different came out of my keystrokes. I think that’s one of the most amazing aspects of writing; the fact that it can take you to places that you hadn’t intended to go or it can open new horizons that were blocked from you daily mindset. But I digress.

In my last post, I discussed my past, present and future mindsets regarding this blog. I enjoy writing reflective pieces like that, but I know the internet and the average blog reader don’t prioritize cerebral posts. People want facts, updates and juicy details. And in less than 20 words a sentence please! So here it is internet, a summary of my life these past months. This post will cover the summer of 2016 (July and August). I’m only covering two months because it was crazy-busy. Continue reading “Life Update: Summer 2016”

10 Habits That Change in Paris

Paris is remarkable for many reasons: it’s museums, it’s monuments, it’s shopping, and it’s food. But I also find it remarkable how much my habits have changed since living in Paris. These changes were unconscious, but now make up my daily life.  Continue reading “10 Habits That Change in Paris”

Paris’ Most Beautiful Metro Stations

Those who have lived in, or those who have visited Paris, know how much time is spent riding the metro. Even though I live in central Paris, I still spend at least an hour daily on the metro. Going to school, visiting museums, and seeing friends all entail taking these clunky underground snakes. Most of the time it’s boring, annoying, and repetitive. However, amongst all the white-tiled stations there are a few that brighten my commute. See my favorites below: Continue reading “Paris’ Most Beautiful Metro Stations”

Best Chain Bakeries in Paris

I’m going to preface this post (I feel like I preface all my posts, but whatever) by saying I detest eating in chain restaurants, cafes and bars. There’s something super weird about being able to have the same dining experience whether you’re in Los Angeles or Lisbon, but then again, that’s the point. Eating at chain restaurants in Paris, arguably the food capital of the world, is incredibly sinful then. But, I like contradicting myself so I’m going to recommend eating at chain bakeries, and here’s why. Continue reading “Best Chain Bakeries in Paris”