Dispatches From Korea: October

Here I am again, forcing myself to sit down and write a blog post about stuff that’s already been done; that I’ve pretty much forgotten about, all in the name of journalistic integrity.

I desperately want to catch this blog up to the current time. Not because my life is super exciting at the moment, but because it’s going to be soon and I want to be able to report all of it in real time. So, here we go, a quick wrap of up October 2016. Continue reading “Dispatches From Korea: October”

Life Update: Summer 2016

This is the post I had originally intended to write to break my blogging hiatus, but when I sat down to write it, something completely different came out of my keystrokes. I think that’s one of the most amazing aspects of writing; the fact that it can take you to places that you hadn’t intended to go or it can open new horizons that were blocked from you daily mindset. But I digress.

In my last post, I discussed my past, present and future mindsets regarding this blog. I enjoy writing reflective pieces like that, but I know the internet and the average blog reader don’t prioritize cerebral posts. People want facts, updates and juicy details. And in less than 20 words a sentence please! So here it is internet, a summary of my life these past months. This post will cover the summer of 2016 (July and August). I’m only covering two months because it was crazy-busy. Continue reading “Life Update: Summer 2016”

Dreaming of the Alps

With the temperature consistently dropping, the sun setting at 6PM, and cloudy days following one after another, I’ve stopped dreaming that winter isn’t coming. I’ve even thought about buying a warmer scarf, because you know, France.

To me winter means skiing, cozying up with a good book, and bitching about how cold it is even though I secretly love wearing multiple sweaters at the same time.

Even though November hasn’t begun, I sense people are starting to get the winter blues already. That’s why I wanted to boost the morale with share some awe-inspiring pictures of the Alps (and okay some pictures of cheese, I’m human, aren’t I?) Continue reading “Dreaming of the Alps”

Why I Travel Despite Being in Debt

Why do I travel even though I’m in debt?

I ask myself this question almost daily. And despite constantly interrogating myself, I still haven’t arrived at a suitable answer.

What’s even worse, is that I feel the need to travel despite owning the US government about $7000 in school loans.

Read it and weep folks
Read it and weep folks

Continue reading “Why I Travel Despite Being in Debt”